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One thing which distinguishes ILCT from most other coach training programs is its wide selection of electives. With more than 45 ICF and CCE approved electives, taught by expert faculty in their subject area, our program allows students to customize their training to develop the tools to establish a successful coaching practice that reflects their vision while pursuing professional credentialing.

The majority of our courses are taught through teleconferences or video conferences as you learn along with your classmates and instructor, allowing a high level interaction. We also have a few elective courses which are done online, our Self-Directed courses, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Some of our courses require that you are enrolled in, or have completed our Foundations course, while others have no prerequisites and can provide a great introduction to coaching and ILCT’s program. ILCT courses can also be used if you are pursuing a coaching credential, certification, or are renewing a professional credential. CEU's may also available to those holding licenses in the helping professions through NAADAC.

Explore the possibilities and if you have questions about any of our wonderful courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Refine your grief coaching

For those coaches who are committed to their professional development

Help clients sharpen their internal communication.

Integrate the mind and body to deepen body-mind awareness

Coaching Christians to know and follow God’s plan

How Mindsets and Questioning Empower Successful Coaching

Provides an overview of coaching skills, techniques & best practices

Enhance your understanding and recognition of trauma in clients

Navigating everyday personal, familial, and professional changes

Do you know your Coaching Ethics I.Q.?

Build on the foundational goals and process of faith development

Personal and family resilience work together for best outcomes

Prepare clients to deal successfully with multiple life challenges

For those whose clients want to focus on weight loss & lifestyle change

Take your coaching skills to a new level

Partner with students to explore a variety of career pathways

Help clients move forward with their dreams - with purpose

Hints and additional bonuses to enrich your coaching repertoire

Coaching through the midlife transition

Revising the beginning and middle to write powerful endings

What would be possible if you were to ramp up efficiency and make the most of your brainpower?

Powerful coaching that draws on evidence based psychological models

Explore the complexities involved in spiritually-based life coaching.

Explore the use of metaphors in coaching

Add Complementary and Alternative modalities to your practice

What do you need to do before you begin marketing?

Explore the most common questions with regard to coaching ethics

Hone the skills required to coach Executives and Leaders

The cornerstone of our ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

Core course for those who want to incorporate their faith in coaching

Reverse your stress and teach your clients to do the same!

A 5-Step Model to Make Informed Career Decisions

Coaching your client to not only survive but thrive.

Add group coaching to your list of professional services

Designed for those assisting victims of domestic violence

Hope can be a powerful force

Learn and practice core coaching competencies

Learn to use aspects of Image Guidance in coaching contexts

Leveraging Neuroscience for Greater Impact with Your Coaching Clients

Context and Considerations

Relationships with a capital "R"

A holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit

Intuitive Executive Coaching

Would you like to add Job Search Coaching to your coaching practice?

When you're ready to put other things aside and focus on business...

Develop the skills and tools you can use coaching leaders

Design your life as a model for working with coaching clients

The Ultimate Key to Coaching Clients

Harnessing motivation science and positive psychology

Considering applying for the ACC credential?

Group Coaching can be a powerful path for delivering coaching

Motivating your client is key to helping them achieve their goals

In this competitive world, organizational resilience is crucial.

Gain insight on how the mind works through change

Expand your repertory of coaching tools

Learn how to focus on the person and not the issue

Create a plan to bring a new found purpose to life

Your Life Owner's Manual

Chronic stress and burnout is a top concern for many coaching clients

A natural way to approach life changes

What every coach should know about using online technology in coaching

Exploring Solitude and Silence

A new way of giving back to your community

Gain insight on how the heart, mind, and soul work through change

Explore the hows and whys of visioning with your clients

Educate clients about traumatic or significant anniversary reactions

Discovering how your gift of intuition can enhance your life

Live out your God given calling in life.

Add a strong spiritual foundation to your coaching work

Learn to use this "whole person" process in your coaching

Well employees are the cornerstone of any successful business